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Offers remote control of door locks, cameras, thermostats, and sensors. Responsive touch screen. No lengthy contract required. Cons: Requires a monthly subscription for remote access. Cannot customize alarm sounds. Bottom Line: The Vivint Smart Home system offers 24/7 security monitoring and remote control of your door locks, cameras, heating system, and features the best video doorbell solution we've tested.

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Both wired and wireless systems have their pros and cons. Wired security systems tend to be more reliable, but require drilling, a network of wires, and an active landline. Wireless systems essentially have a proprietary cell phone network to communicate with sensors with the main drawback being reliability. Like cell phone connections or Wi Fi routers, they are subject to possible interference that can cause them to fail, though this is rare. As technology evolves, security systems will continue to improve, and many of these potential issues will be resolved. There’s some debate when it comes to displaying security signs in front of a home.